Doug Kemp

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Addiction Recovery

For most of my adult life I struggled with addiction substance and while my professional career was taking off, my personal life was collapsing into oblivion. Finally family intervened 11 years ago I stepped into my first 12 step meeting that would start the rest of my lifes journey into overcoming my own addictions and a career into helping others beat theirs.

I never started out to be a counsellor, nor, do I pitch myself as being a counsellor, nor have I ever provided individual therapy. We work with a research team that simply researches the topics and uses raw logic to determine whether the inputs and outputs of the addiction treatment path are valid or not.

I still hold down my career in online marketing and working with startup businesses into achieving their objectives.
About me

Addiction Research

Finding out methodologies that actually work in addiction treatment.

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Online Video Production

This information has been distilled into an easy to follow online course.

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Addiction Treatment Programme

Manage an brick and mortar addiction treatment centre based in South Africa.

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Addiction Recovery Education

Stepped into my first AA meeting in Johannesburg. I knew I had a problem. 5 years of relapses had taught me I was not in control anymore.

Jun 01, 2005

"Relapse Prevention"

Over the last 8 years we have constructed a free course that anyone can follow to beat their addiction.

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"Recovery Direct"

Worlds most intensive addiction recovery programme based in Cape Town. Recovery Direct is a leading provider of highly individualised and exclusive treatment plans in South Africa.

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  • Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa